Voodoo Doughnut: A Successful Startup

16 02 2010

It’s probably not likely donuts come to mind when young startups ponder how they’re going to make it big. Donut shops are the quintessential mom-and-pop business started before most young professionals were born and tried-and-true in their dedication to a basic American snack.

Voodoo Doughnut customers line up around the block.

However, in Portland, Oregon things are not always as they seem. Two men from the Rose City, Kenneth Pogson and Tres Shannon, shared their passion for entrepreneurship and have since made quite an impression in Portland.

Young entrepreneurs should take a look and jot some notes from the history of Voodoo Doughnuts. The creators began by looking for an unsatisfied desire in Portland. After deciding on donuts, the pair looked to their more experienced peers for advice. Participants in the New Venture Championship get a similar experience with in-depth feed back from judges, and it has proved time and time again to be successful.

The two men also combined their individual skills of business acumen and people skills to deliver a well-rounded plan that addressed all issues of their business.

The company, like many successful ventures, continues to change and improve their business. The duo recently introduced vegan donuts and other untraditional goodies that keep their spot as a top social niche in Portland.

These steps can be applied universally to any business looking to succeed; whether it’s on the cutting edge of business or just a good idea realized.




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7 04 2010
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