How to Keep in Contact

23 02 2010

After networking at an event, there comes an often unnoticed, yet crucial next step to solidifying a relationship that can benefit you in the future. Communities like LinkedIn and Twitter and interactions over communication outlets such as phone and email are essential to maintaining a connection. Business connections are difficult to make, but are incredibly useful when you need to find a new job, create a new startup, or bounce ideas around with someone with similar interests.Networking has endless possibilities

Using LinkedIn is an essential first stop. There should be no hesitation in creating a connection through the social network. Follow these simple steps:

1)     Make a connection

2)     Send your new friend a message explaining where you met, and, most importantly why you believe they are important to keep in contact with.

Or, just email them directly. It may seem presumptuous, but an email shows care and consideration. It also shows initiative to make a direct connection

Follow your connection on Twitter, and more importantly check out whom they follow. Chances are, if a few of a connection’s friends are happy to network.

Choose one way to directly connect to them. Crafting a personal message should appear only in one of their inboxes. Don’t become a spammer or create too much stress on the relationship!

One last suggestion: there’s always a phone call. It’s quickly becoming a lost art, but it can mean a lot. Just be prepared to stick to a game plan because awkward phone calls are the reason people have stopped picking up their cell in the first place.




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