The New Venture Championship has Begun!

8 04 2010

The 19th annual New Venture Championship is now underway. The first opportunity for each team to showcase its presentation is in the Start-Up Round. This portion of the NVC provides an opportunity for teams to become familiar with the presentation site, to test their technology, and to receive pertinent feedback on their presentation prior to the Semifinal Round.

The Start-Up Round allows each participating team to make a quick one-minute elevator pitch as practice for tonight’s Elevator Pitch Competition. After the conclusion of each team’s pitch, the judges have three minutes to ask questions.

Then, the details of the presentation come out.

Each team of graduate students is given 15 minutes to present their venture. After the allotted time, the judges have 10 minutes to grill each team on specifics regarding its business plan and presentation followed by ten minutes of suggestions.

The twenty teams have been placed evenly in five tracks, with each consisting of four teams. These teams will present in front of three highly qualified professional judges from the business community.
Stay tuned for updates on each team as they compete!




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