Finalists Announced at NVC

9 04 2010

Five teams have been selected to compete in Saturday’s final round at the 19th annual New Venture Championship. Bombyx Technologies (Cornell University), Microfluidic Innovations LLC (Purdue University), Green Valley Solar (University of Arkansas), Mosaic Genetics (University of Oregon), and NanoMark Therapeutics (University of Louisville) will have the opportunity to compete for the $25,000 grand prize.

Bombyx Technolgies has developed a bandage that enhances the healing process of the eye. Just like a contact lens, the product is comprised of silk proteins that remarkably adhere to the eye to repair soft tissue and rapidly dissolve. The bandage was developed to heal chronic eye wounds and reduce chances of vision loss by emphasizing the body’s natural healing process.

Microfluidic Innovations LLC has delivered the first ever general-purpose, programmable microfluidic lab-on-a-chip that can be reprogrammed to serve the purposes of academic research labs as well as major companies. Their groundbreaking technology shortens the time needed by labs to run experiments from 3-6 months to 3-6 hours.

Green Valley Solar will find itself presenting tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. in the Final Round

Green Valley Solar is licensing their technology for solar panels that are more efficient and over 26% cheaper than the panels currently available. The team hopes to market their products for large companies, and already in talks with Sanyo.

Mosaic Genetics LLC is bringing to market a new drug discovery tool in the form of a genetically engineered mouse, which will allow scientists to unlock the secrets of cancer at the cellular level. The team crafted the LumiMouse – a new model with a single cell view that enables cancer to develop in a natural location.

NanoMark Therapeutics, the winner of the NVC’s Elevator Pitch Competition, has presented AUra – a uniquely targeted cancer drug with low toxicity, specialized hormone surface and ability to kill cancerous cells while minimizing the death of healthy cells. Compared to other leading drugs in animal testing, The Federal Drug Administration approved product kills cancerous cells at a much higher rate than current competitors at a fraction of the cost.

The New Venture Championship will provide live commentary and announcement during Saturday’s final round via the social networking service Twitter found under the profile OregonNVC, as well as through the NVC blog, For more information, please visit




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