NanoMark Therapeutics Wins First Cash Prize at 2010 NVC

9 04 2010

Twenty brave participants took the stage for the one-minute Elevator Pitch Round Thursday evening as day one of the New Venture Championships came to a close.

Gary Degan gives his one-minute pitch with passion and sincerity.

Gary Degan hailing from the University of Louisville was the sole survivor, earning the first cash prize awarded at the 2010 NVC.

Degan pitched his team’s venture, NanoMark Therapeutics, from a personal standpoint, speaking to the preciousness of life and the ill effects of ovarian cancer.

Degan’s proposed product stands alone as the only company in the world focusing on targeted ovarian cancer therapy. His pitched landed NanoMark Therapeutics $1,000.

“Hopefully this sparks momentum for the rest of the competition,” the NanoMark team said after being recognized as champions.

Boise State’s venture, R2EV, finished as runner-up.

The entire NanoMark Technologies team on the NVC stage




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