The Semifinals

9 04 2010

The Start-Up round is over and now it’s time to get to business.

All 20 teams will begin the day by formally presenting their venture plan in the Semifinals. Four esteemed judges will decide who moves to the Finals and who will compete in the Lightning Round.

All 20 teams have been placed into five tracks. The best presentation in each track earns the opportunity to participate in to participate in the Final Round, and have a chance to win the $25,000 top prize.

The breakdown of the five tracks is as follows:

Track 1
Aeos Biomedical (University of British Columbia)
Cortical Concepts (Johns Hopkins University)
NanoMark Therapeutics (University of Louisville)
Mielixir (Sasin)

Track 2
NanoShield (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Mosaic Genetics (University of Oregon)
SafeSnip (Tulane University)
Marere Pure Water (Brigham Young University)

Track 3
Beyond Lucid (Carnegie Mellon University)
A2K Technologies (University of Manitoba)
Mediscan Asia (Thammasat University)
Bombyx Technologies (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Track 4
Alfuel Biotech (HKUST)
Nalu Solar Software (University of Michigan)
Green Valley Solar (University of Arkansas)
Thermal Conservation (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Track 5
R2EV (Boise State University)
Ordoro (University of Texas at Austin)
Microfluidic (Purdue University)
CyrusPath (San Diego State)




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