Bombyx Technologies – Final Round

10 04 2010

Over five million eye injuries in America each year, many of which result with a slow and low recovery rate that often takes months and can even result in blindness. Bombyx Technologies, which includes team members Benjamin Rollins and Brian Lawrence (a co-inventor), has created the first regenerative bandage for the eye that absorbs, dissolves and rapidly heals wounds within only a few weeks.

Cornell University presented with class and poise in the finals

Rollins and Lawrence were well composed while presenting their regenerative eyesight bandage. The team currently has more than $1 million in funds distributed from Cornell University. Bombyx Technologies’ bandage not only protects, it also replaces and regenerates over a two-week span. Similar to a contact lens, their product is comprised of a special substance that adheres to the eye to repair soft tissue; then it rapidly dissolves. It’s that simple! Bombyx absorbs to your eye while healing, and dissolves to shield and protect.

Lawrence gave an example of a friend of his who had recently fell asleep with her contacts in – a common occurrence among contact lens wearers. The next morning her contacts had dried up so extensively that she tore off part of her cornea trying to remove it. Constructive surgery is expensive, painful and requires a long recovery. Lawrence indicated that it’s likely that if his friend had been able to use Bombyx Technologies’ bandage, she would have had full recovery within two weeks.

With the “potential to revolutionize,” the bandage has a remarkable one-year shelf life.

Bombyx Technologies has a market strategy including strong relationships with key opinion leaders, PRK laser surgeons, ophthalmologists and ER physicians. Although they already have a prototype, Rollins and Lawrence need to begin clinical trials, which will start in the Dominican Republic. By year five of their product launch, they project the bandage will be in 900 of 1,200 desired locations




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