Green Valley Solar Presents in the Final Round

10 04 2010

Green Valley Solar from the University of Arkansas plans to better the world by improving the solar generated electricity. Addressing high manufacturing in the solar market come from wasted materials, the team introduced a solution to this issue with promising “solar has never been so green.”

Green Valley Solar, represented by senior scientist, Seth Shumate, and vice president of communications, Stephan Ritterbush, has worked with their team to develop a large-grain polysilicon cell solution generating grains 90 times larger, thus separating boundaries and reducing silicon costs. There are currently two types of crystalline silicon used in the industry. Green Valley Solar is striving to by-pass the waste and inefficiencies that each of these production processes can cause.

The two representatives from the University of Arkansas grace the stage

Materials used by competing products have proven to be highly toxic. Shumate and Ritterbush spoke to the idea that the European Union is in the process of working against such products for this exact reason. Not only has Green Valley Solar solidified an experienced management team to confront this problem, but the team also capitalizes on the low toxicity of their cell structure.

Green Valley Solar’s technological solution has been protected by five patents, of which two are related to grain size and three are related to medal induced crystallization. With these patents, Shumate and Ritterbush ensured the judging panel that their technology was secure and prepared to move forward.

And, moving forward they are.

Green Valley Solar has already earned the compliance of the Department of Energy, established a relationship with Sanyo to produce samples and scheduled a meeting with Sharp. In the coming months, Green Valley Solar plans to engage in heat sample testing and can take their experiences at the NVC in the continuation of their venture.



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