Microfluidic Innovations LLC – Finalist Presentation

10 04 2010

Worldwide pandemics such as H1N1 cause death and destruction. However, these are preventable. Microfluidics Innovations LLC is marketing a better opportunity for scientists to find a cure.

The venture, traveling from Purdue University, focuses on minute amounts of liquid being processed in order to do research in the fields of biochemistry, genomics, biotechnology and DNA analysis. Much of this research is accomplished by using lab-on-a-chip technology, which utilizes small glass chips with grooves to channel and alter liquids.

Microfluidic Innovations LLC has created a revolutionary new form of lab-on-a-chip that is infinitely programmable to match the desires of research labs and pharmaceutical companies. A lab currently must go through the time-intensive process of designing, fabricating, and testing chips, and often would have to return to each step multiple times in order to get what they needed.

With the new technology that team members Leonard Kim and Samir Sahoo propose, labs will only have

Microfluidic Innovations LLC poses for the camera

to create an idea, write a simple program or click a few buttons, and produce a working chip that can be used directly in experiments. Instead of a production timeline of 3-6 months, the whole process can be completed in 3-6 hours.

The team already has an international patent on their technology, with two more patents pending, and an exclusive license with Purdue University to use the technology.

Microfluidic Innovations, LLC hopes to tap into a $56 billion dollar market that is expected to grow annually by 13%. They plan on offering their new chips to researchers who are required to mention the product, and parlay that free advertising into sales agreements with both academic organizations and companies that use the chips.




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