Mosaic Genetics LLC – Final Presentation

10 04 2010

One in three women and one in two men will develop cancer in their lifetime. Nearly everyone knows or will know someone with cancer. Mosaic Genetics LLC is revolutionizing cancer research, one mouse at a time. The trio from the University of Oregon is bringing to market a new drug discovery tool, which will allow scientists to unlock the secrets of cancer at the cellular level. Catering to scientists’ research, Mosaic Genetics LLC crafted the LumiMouse – a new model, single cell view that enables cancer to develop in a natural location.

The University of Oregon team flashes their "O" at the NVC

The LumiMouse provides a systematic view of what is going on inside the body, unlike the current mouse model, “xenograft.” Green illumination represents cancer and red illumination signifies healthy cells.  This enables scientists to see what is happening in every individual cancer cell and every individual healthy cell. The LumiMouse also develops cancer for every test.

Providing detailed examples about their competitors, Mosaic Genetics LLC has developed their marketing strategy around academic validation with targeted researchers and commercial customers. They expect an 18-24 month product development stage and currently have a patent, filed in August 2009, covering targeted cancer growth and the dual color illumination.

With $100,000 current funds from family, friends and founders, Mosaic Genetics LLC predicts two phases of outside investment totaling $4 million. Within five years, the LumiMouse will come in five models for cancer research: breast, brain, prostate, colon and lung.

Teammates Elizabeth Holsapple, Nick Boehm and Yonatan Schultz equally answered the finalist judges’ Q&A session promptly and efficiently and stood proud representing their new cancer research tool in the form of a mouse. Mosaic Genetics LLC predicts three hurdles, including licensing the red and green fluorescents, use of mice because LumiMouse cannot breed, and personnel.



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