Nanomark Therapeutics – Finalist Presentation

10 04 2010

In 2010, it is predicted that cancer will become the most deadly disease worldwide. NanoMark Therapeutics decided to tackle the challenge of fighting cancer.

Dr. Sham Kakar, the founder of NanoMark Therapeutics, has created a groundbreaking new system of delivering drugs directly to the cancerous cells of the body while sparing healthy cells.

Louisville's five-person team graces the NVC stage

The system reduces the needed dosage by 200% and reduced total treatments from 24 to four. This reduction in dosage also decreases the risk of side effects. Each individual consumer dosage costs more than traditional cancer treatments, but with the reduced number of treatments the increase in cost to the patient is minimal.

The team is currently conducting their first round of animal testing and expects to begin clinical trials on humans in 2011. The team stressed that all research and development has been performed with grants from their school and organizations, and there has been no dilution of potential stock options for investors.




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