Nanomark Therapeutics Wins 2010 NVC!

10 04 2010

Congratulations to Nanomark Therapeutics, the 2010 New Venture Championship Champions!

We’re one step closer to curing cancer as NanoMark Therapuetics from Louisville University won the 2010 New Venture Championship, a business plan competition held by the Charles H. Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship of the University of Oregon, and was awarded $25,000.

NanoMark Therapeutics’ business plan introduces a product, AUra, that enhances the treatment of ovarian cancer by minimizing the negative side effects to healthy cells and limiting dosage requirements.

“It’s the top of the peak for us right now,” NanoMark Therapeutics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gary Degen said. “The competition here was so strong and to walk out on top is beyond our wildest dreams.”

The second place team Mosaic Genetics LLC from the University of Oregon earned $10,000.

Winning the New Venture Championship means entry in the 2010 Moot Corp Competition, a business-plan contest held at The University of Texas at Austin. Because NanoMark Therapeutics already has earned a spot in the competition, Mosaic Genetics has earned an invitation to the competition.

Third place finisher, Green Valley Solar from the University of Arkansas, received $2,500, and two runner-up teams, Microfluidic of Purdue University and Bombyx Technologies of Cornell University each received $2,000.

NanoMark Therpeutics from Louisville University also won $1,000 for first place in the Tektronix Elevator Pitch competition and Cortical Concepts from Johns Hopkins University was awarded $1,000 for first place in the Tektronix Trade Show competition.

Green Valley Solar from the University of Arkansas was awarded $1,000 for having the best-written business plan.

In the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Lightning Round, each of the following winning teams earned $1,250: A2K Technologies from University of Manitoba, Thermal Conservation from University of Illinois at Chicago, Mielixir from Sasin, SafeSnip from Tulane University, and R2EV from Boise State University won $1,250. All other teams competing were awarded $500 as runners-up.

For more information on the New Venture Championship, please go to




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