Finalists of the New Venture Championship Announced

10 04 2009
Applause at the Blue Star Gas Announcement of Finalists for the five finalists announced.

Applause at the Blue Star Gas Announcement of Finalists for the five finalists announced.

The New Venture Championship concluded after a long day of competition during the Semifinal Round. All twenty teams pitched their business plans to panels of judges in hope to advance to the Final Round and the chance to win the $50,000 first place prize.

After their presentation, each team met with judges to receive feedback and gain insight from the elite business professionals who serve as judges for the competition.

We heard at the Blue Star Gas Announcement of Finalists, that the following teams advanced:

Integrated Diagnostics from the University of California Berkeley
Teammates Octavian Florescu, Tanner Nevill, Tayson Siegel, Karl Skucha, and Kevan Wang pitched their idea for an easy and accurate HIV detection test.

Gold Plus from the Thammasat University
Teammates Parujee Chantaharn, Yanin Kasemkosolsri, Nattaya Khuntivongvarn, and Thanawat Malabuppha pitched their idea that reduces the density of gold products to address the challenge of increasing gold prices and decreasing pricing pressures.

Castor & Pollux from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University
Teammates Tanaphat Laohavisit, Patacharin Pratheeptham, Sorradithep Supachanya and Thanan Suthipongmitri pitched their idea for a diagnostic kit that allows for early and simple testing of leptospirosis, a tropical bacterial disease.

Gyan from Kellog School of Management of Northwestern University
Teammates Esther Choy, Supina Mapon, Pavan Singh, Ramya Singh, and Tiffany Urrechaga pitched their idea for an educational training program for the rural poor in India through an English franchise starter kit.

KT Tape TM from Brigham Young University

Teammates Michelle Quinn and Reed Quinn presented their plan to bring kinesiology tape to the consumer market.

Tayson Siegel of the Integrated Diagnostics Team said, “We’re a little bit surprised, but really happy. The competition is really strong and we’re happy we made it this far.”

His teammate, Karl Skucha added, “We’re glad we could pull it together after yesterday’s feedback.”

Congratulations to the five finalist teams. Tomorrow the Final Round begins where teams will once again have 15 minutes to present and 20 minutes for a Question & Answer session from judges.

Check back tomorrow for updates on the Final Round of NVC. You can also check updates on Twitter.


Internships – A Student’s Best Friend

5 03 2009
Internships can help you get ahead of the game!

Internships can help you get ahead of the game!

Through the first few years of my college education, I felt I understood what I could expect upon graduation. I mean, I did earn decent grades in classes that are intended to prepare me for a professional career. Then, I got an internship. And thus, I realized I knew nothing.

Internships are the key to getting a better understanding of a specific field in the professional world. Internships compliment the academic education that you receive in college by teaching you real-life skills and new experiences. One such internship changed my life, as it helped me decide to switch majors, even after two full years of college.

Not all internships are ideal. Some companies want you to staple papers, open mail, and do meaningless tasks that do not earn you the experience that you need. Look for internships that are hands-on and allow you to work under, but also at times alongside, professionals in the field of your desired profession.

Working as an intern also allows you to establish valuable contacts and provides networking opportunities that can help get your name out there in the field. This is important, because connections are very important in many fields.

The cliché of ‘it’s all about who you know’ often reigns supreme in our current competitive job field. That’s also a part of the New Venture Championship, as participants and professionals have the opportunity to begin new relationships and make new connections.

My advice is to apply for several internships, even if they aren’t paid! Experience you can gain at a leading company is more valuable than making minimum wage for a much lesser known company!

Other opportunities, like entering professional competitions, can bring your education into the real world and are also great for your development. For example, the NVC gives participants effective learning experiences through people who work in the actual field.

It is also important to keep in mind that rejection will come often, but do not fret. Rejection is a part of learning and doesn’t mean you haven’t won some knowledge. Just try to get your name out there.

Here are some Web sites that might help you find some interesting internships:

University of Oregon Job Link


National Internship Directory