Fine-Tuning Your Presentation

9 02 2010

The average human attention span tops out at around 5 minutes, 7 seconds. For some, the magic number can dip even lower. The fine art of making people listen will continue to become more and more difficult with the integration of social media and various technologies.

In order to create an atmosphere of focused attention, all presenters must do some self-discovery in order to succeed in making an impact.

The most important rule is to be who you are. This may seem cliché, but it can be the most important part of one’s presentation. Style and integrity are incredibly important in gaining both an audience’s attention and respect.

A stodgy presenter can impress his or her audience with technical knowledge and let the facts speak for themselves.

Being prepared is the essence of a successful presentation.

Creating a presentation that reflects this can push your presentation to the next level. Using a strong, decisive voice and creating a well-crafted visual presentation can take some attention away from the presenter him or herself and keep the focus on the intended topic.

A charismatic speaker can create worlds out of dull material. Using movement and flash helps to entertain your audience so they focused when the important details are revealed.

Trying to fake a personality will only lead to nervousness. If your audience has no confidence in your performance, faking a bright exterior only leads to a dull conclusion.

So stand with confidence and swagger; and remember, people are there to listen to what YOU have to say!